Welcome to the Cryptarchy.

To mark our fourth anniversary, we have decided to soft launch our website. 
Hey, think of it as an early-access live-service!
I hear those are all the rage.

Our community has been crafting and refining our projects for a very long time.
This is the beginning of an effort to host them outwith social media platforms.

To get us started, we have set up a rudimentary character feed for Destiny characters. 
Characters have attributes that will allow you to see connections within the universe.
This will eventually expand to interconnectivity across the entire plethora of content we have planned.
See if you can find which characters already have some relationships set up between them!

This is but a very small taster of what's yet to come!
We're very excited to take this next step as a community.
Glad to have you along for the ride.