An Awoken who left his wives and child to repair a climate controller in the Gobi region. Was killed by Fallen and resurected by Yourghost as Savin.
Restless Awoken mediator who had a tallent for resolving opposing viewpoints. Killed on Earth and resurrected shortly after as Orin.
An Awoken Warlock who got a feeling of nostalgia in the Dreaming City. She returned to fight there every week.
Uldren Sov resurrected as a Guardian. Spent years being killed by Guardians for Uldren's crimes. Later given Uldren's memories back by Savathun, but still (mostly) considers himself his own person.
A former Corsair who works as a bodyguard for the bookie Prak'kesh now.
Crew member of the RSS Amestris, killed by the Aphelion along with everyone onboard.
An Awoken Guardian who was Risen in the Gobi desert. He was discovered by Uldren shortly after and taken to the Reef for study.
One of the first Awoken, advocated for leaving the Distributary.
An Awoken who preached against Alis Li's rule in the early days of the Distributary.
Awoken Queen who wrested power over the Distributary from the Gensym Scribes.