Founding member of the Black Armory. Responsible for prototyping the weapon designs. Worked for Clovis Bray before joining the Armory.
Founding member of the Black Armory and mother of Ada. Responsible for initial weapon designs.
Brother of Spider and adopted brother of Mithrax. Was sent to the Prison of Elders by Spider, after he broke out he founded the Kell's Scourge anarchist gang.
Eva's cousin(?), and mother of Luis, killed during the Red War.
Valentina's son and Eva's nephew, removed or something. Killed during the Red War.
Tower dispatcher during the initial Cabal attack, was killed while searching for Eva's family.
Family member of Eva's, implied to have been killed by Fallen.
The first Cloud Strider, who discovered the Occlusion and pioneered the Cloud Strider creation process.