A Hive Knight found in Veles Labyrinth, presumably ascendant.
A Worm God with reality-warping powers. Slain by Oryx. Oryx later carved the Dreadnaught out of its corpse, using a Tablet of Ruin.
A Hive Knight of the Hidden Swarm who sought vengeance upon the Daughters of Crota after being injured at the hands of Guardians. Eventually died at the hands of his own sister.
Leader of the Devil Splicers. Converted himself into a SIVA monstrosity.
House of Wolves Archon captured by the Reef later broken out by Taniks and taken to the House of Winter.
Mighty knight that rebelled against Oryx. Oryx was ammused by this and imprisoned him instead of destroying him. Consort of Verok. Risen as a lighbearer in Savathun's court.
A Hive individual killed by Jakinda and Yael, by a sniper round in Saturn's orbit.