Brother of Queen Mara Sov. Deft and capable scout and explorer. Corrupted by Riven and possibly the Black Heart as well. Murderer of Cayde-6. Killed by Petra and the Young Wolf and later resurrected as Crow.
Paladin of the Royal Awoken Guard killed during the Battle of Saturn. Rended into a weapon.
A Corsair that lived on Earth with her partner before returning alone to the Reef after Mara's return. Gets injured every three weeks in the Dreaming City time loop
Amrita's former partner. Stayed behind on Earth after Amrita returned to the Reef.
An awoken that left the Reef to protect a settlement on Earth. Returned to the Reef after Mara returned.
Paladin of the Royal Armada and veteran of the Reef Wars. Killed during the Battle of Saturn.
Former leader of the Techeun coven and Petra's sister. Killed during the Reef Wars.
A corsair who worked with Thedren Pell during the Taken War.
Techeun of the Reef. Stayed behind during the Taken War. Consumed by Riven.