Kell of the House Salvation and currently a reluctant servant of the Witness. A former Devils baroness who seeks to destroy the Traveler and really needs to see a therapist about her self-loathing.
Novice Cryptarch who was was exiled from the City and later arrested by the Reef for wanting to study the Nine. Vanished into the Cocytus gate.
Restless Awoken mediator who had a tallent for resolving opposing viewpoints. Killed on Earth and resurrected shortly after as Orin.
A civilian girl of Eaton and friend of Drifter's, 9 years old when she was killed in Dryden's ambush.
Founding member of the Black Armory. Responsible for prototyping the weapon designs. Worked for Clovis Bray before joining the Armory.
Founding member of the Black Armory and mother of Ada. Responsible for initial weapon designs.
Eva's assistant after the Red War.
A friend of Amanda's while her family was making their way to the City. Slightly older than Amanda, they went their separate ways after a while.
An Awoken Warlock who got a feeling of nostalgia in the Dreaming City. She returned to fight there every week.
Praxic Warlock and one of Ikora's most trusted Hidden agents. Investigated the Drifter and hunts down rogue Lightbearers.