Last Emperor of the Cabal. Overthrown by a coup involving his own daughter, later became a servant of the Witness. Killed by the Guardian on Neomuna.
An Awoken who left his wives and child to repair a climate controller in the Gobi region. Was killed by Fallen and resurected by Yourghost as Savin.
Restless Awoken mediator who had a tallent for resolving opposing viewpoints. Killed on Earth and resurrected shortly after as Orin.
An Iron Lord who broke the Iron Decree, using civilians as bait and shields against Warlords. Was later killed by Felwinter at the suggestion of Drifter.
A Warlord whose team was ambushed and killed by Dryden, destroying the town of Eaton in the process.
A civilian of Eaton, killed in Dryden's ambush. Drifter picked up some of his manerisms.
A civilian girl of Eaton and friend of Drifter's, 9 years old when she was killed in Dryden's ambush.
A family or an individual that lived in Eaton and owned a barn before Dryden's ambush.
Family member of Eva's, implied to have been killed by Fallen.
Founding member of the Black Armory. Responsible for final tuning of the weapon designs.